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Facts About DUI Defense

If you are facing a drunk driving punishment, you may be wondering about some of the tactics that you can employ for your DUI defense. Before you engage in any DUI defense tactic or strategy, you should understand these five facts.

You Do Not Have To Tender To A Breath Test

If you are pulled over on drunk driving suspicions, you may be asked to submit to a breath test. Many DUI defense lawyers are recommending that individuals refuse this test. The equipment used at the scene of the arrest is not very accurate in measuring true blood alcohol levels. A blood test administered at the proper time is far more accurate.

You have the right to refuse a breath test, and your lawyer may recommend that you do so. However, if you choose to refuse any blood alcohol testing and you are driving in an implied consent state, your license could be taken away.

The Monetary Cost

Deciding whether or not to pursue a DUI defense may revolve around the costs. Hiring a lawyer will cost something, so you may be weighing that cost against the cost of just taking the conviction.

The cost of a lawyer is going to vary from one office to the next. The fees charged for your drunk driving conviction also vary from state to state. Some estimates indicate that the total cost, including the criminal fines, towing expenses, insurance rate increases, required education, and license reinstatement, can be several thousands of dollars for a first-time offense. If there is a chance of getting your case thrown out on a technicality, the cost of legal representation is likely much less than this.

The Non-Monetary Cost

A drunk driving condition is a criminal offense that goes on your record in many states. This can have long-term consequences, making it more difficult to get approved for rent or even find a job. Also, a drunk driving conviction on your record will make it significantly challenging to find a car insurance provider willing to insure you at a reasonable price.

Also, a drunk driving conviction can mean jail time or forced community service. Both of these can interrupt your current employment. If you value your job, you may want to fight your conviction.

Travel Restrictions

If you regularly travel out of the country, you need to hire an excellent DUI defense attorney when you face this charge. Having even a misdemeanor charge of drunk driving on your record can make it impossible to travel to certain countries. Either your entry will be barred altogether or severely limited with even a first drunk driving offense on your record.

If you are working to obtain your citizenship in a new country, you may encounter that your immigration status may be changed after a drunk driving sentence. These are very serious consequences that many accused individuals do not know about, so make sure you understand how they will potentially affect you before you opt not to have representation.

Many Cases Are Dropped

What you may not know about DUI defense is that, given the right circumstances, it can be highly effective. Particularly in states where trial by jury is available, lawyers have a very high success rate in seeing these cases dropped altogether. Most lawyers will provide a free meeting to help you determine if there is any hope for your case, so consider seeking this service if you are facing a conviction.